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We Couldn't do it without you

Volunteer Opportunities

Cans and Bottles

One of the best ways to help Puplandia is to collect and drop off your bottles and cans at a participating BottleDrop location.

How Puplandia Can Drives Work:

1.) Puplandia sets up sorting bins outside of Bales Marketplace. 

2.) Generous community members drop off empty cans and bottles throughout the day.

3.) Our super awesome volunteers sort the cans and bottles into the appropriate bins.

4.) Pups come and go through the day to say hello.

5.)  Bales stores the sorted cans and bottles for pickup by Oregon Bottledrop. 100% of the proceeds go to Puplandia to help the animals.

These events are a great way to meet other volunteers, community members, fosters, and some pups.  They are also a main source of income for Puplandia and we couldn't do it without volunteers like you!

For other volunteer opportunities you may contact us direct at or use the contact us form at the bottom of the page with subject line "Volunteer".


If you would like to donate bottles and cans in between can drives, you can always drop them off at Bales Marketplace in Aloha.  Look for the Puplandia bin at the front of the store. 


Don't live near Bales in Aloha?  Check out our blue Oregon Bottledrop bags.  We can package these with online merchandise orders or you can arrange to pick them up at any of our events. You fill them up with your empty bottles and cans, then drop them off at your nearest BottleDrop location or at select Puplandia events. The barcode on each bag ensures that the proceeds go straight to Puplandia Dog Rescue so we can help more animals!

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