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Our Mission

Puplandia Dog Rescue is a volunteer driven Oregon nonprofit organized and operated to facilitate the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of dogs while forming partnerships with other local rescues, shelters, veterinarians and businesses.

We also educate the public and provide spay and neuter services to prevent unwanted animals and decrease the number of dogs surrendered to shelters and rescues.  We serve our local community by offering support and assistance to keep dogs in their current home when possible by providing food, medical care, training and education. We rescue dogs when they are not able to remain in their current home, are homeless, or are deemed unadoptable in shelters throughout the western United States.

All the pups are placed in volunteer foster homes where they can be evaluated, receive needed medical care and training, and be matched with their forever home.


The 6 "R"s

Rescue- Provide refuge, protection, rehabilitation and foster housing for animals in need while utilizing a best fit approach to every adoption for long term success.

Reach- Make a dedicated effort to be a mindful presence in the Community, keeping Education, Volunteering and Fundraising opportunities local and reciprocal whenever possible.

Rehab- Commitment to accepting medical cases where quality of life can be achieved through fundraising for surgical procedures, training and rehabilitation.  

Reduce- Decrease the number of homeless pets through spay and neuter programs, adoption requirements and fundraising.

Relieve- Provide assistance through sponsorship and training programs in the community to allow for wanted pets to stay in their homes during times of financial hardship.

Respect- Operate with a solutions-based mindset and a spirit of transparency while assuming the positive intent of others in all interactions.

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Our Story


Hi, my name is Brook Benson. I'm a supporter, a fighter, a wife, a teacher, a rescuer, a collector of good people and the Alpha of Puplandia Dog Rescue. I started Puplandia in April of 2016, with a dream of helping local dogs find their forever homes, this dream has become so much bigger than me. I get to work with some of the most amazing, passionate, hard-working people I have ever met. As a Pack, (we call our alum families, volunteers and supporters THE PACK) we handle phone calls, emails, Facebook, Instagram, at least one event a month, about 100 adoptions a year, countless ways of supporting the community with spay/neuters and providing dog food. In 2016 I was a teacher with 2 rescue dogs, we went to the dog park almost daily and one day I met a woman that was starting a dog side to a cat rescue. After a short conversation a plan was formed. We rented a van and saved 14 dogs from being euthanized at Downey Shelter in California. I knew nothing but while something broke inside of me seeing all the dogs in need of homes a passion for saving dogs was planted in that broken part of my heart. My tears watered that passion which blossomed into Puplandia Dog Rescue. When I started the Rescue I had 2 amazing mentors, Marsha at Hopes Haven and Jesse at Felines First. I also started working with Mudbay! Part of what inspired me to start my own rescue was that I knew I wanted to do things different. I knew that I wanted to give everything to every dog. The problems I saw with how rescue was done was that while rescues got a lot of dogs adopted, they would almost as often get returned or ended up at another rescue or worse. I knew there was a better way. Marsha and Jesse helped show me that way that looks after the dog for life. This is why we spend time getting to know our dogs’ personalities and matching those personalities to potential adopters. This is why we do meet and greets and home visits with the entire family. I wanted to make sure that each dog found the perfect home, one where both the dog and the family were enriched by finding each other. In order to provide this level of care I started to collect cans from my friends and family to pay for the dogs we were saving. As the word got out more people joined our fight in raising enough money, raising awareness, and collecting cans. To my surprise more amazing people kept showing up.



This response from my family, my friends and my community inspired me to continue to follow this passion. It inspired me to transform a one-time rescue of 14 dogs into a full-time rescue that is capable of helping hundreds of dogs and improving the lives of those within our community. As we grew we applied for and got our non-profit status. This allowed us to partner with companies like Bottle Drop, Fred Meyers, First Tech, Target (check out our partnered list!)  Every day someone new learns about us. Every week we get to save more dogs. Every month we get new opportunities to partner with local companies. Every moment I am reminded of how much I love this job and am so thankful for this amazing Pack.

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