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Spaying and neutering your pets is such an important thing to do. Here at Puplandia Dog Rescue we try to help pets and their people in many ways. One of those ways is spreading the word to help reduce unwanted litters. Neutering also helps to prevent your pets from going through medical issues that can arise from remaining intact, some of which can be life threatening and VERY expensive

There are already plenty of breeds and all different ages of pups in shelters waiting for their forever homes.  Just look at these puplandia alums!


We have compiled the information below in order to help you with getting your dog spayed/neutered.  You can always contact us at for more information.

Why should I spay/neuter my dog?

There are some myths out there about spaying and neutering dogs. Instead of focusing on those myths, the attention should go to things we know that can help keep your pup healthy.  One of the biggest concerns about unaltered dogs is they roam. Spaying and neutering them will help prevent them from wanting to find a mate which prevents them from being lost or being in dangerous situations which could cause death.  Unspayed females can end up with pyometra, a very serious infection of the uterus which can require immediate surgery to spay the dog. After a momma dog has stopped nursing she can form mastitis, which is an infection in her lactating gland(s). These are just a couple serious conditions. Altering your dogs can also help prevent some cancers. Larger breed dogs should wait a little longer than normal to be fixed so talk to your veterinarian to see what is best for your pup. One of the most important reasons to spay/ neuter your dog is to prevent more unwanted litters from entering shelters. There are plenty of breeds and all different ages of pups in shelters waiting for their forever homes!

How do I find a program or clinic that will work for me? 

There are many programs and clinics out there to help with the cost to spay and neuter your dogs and cats. A lot of veterinarians charge upwards of $450 to spay a dog which can be troublesome to many. While some of the programs available are just for low income families, there are less expensive options for everyone. You can check out the links listed below, “Whack’em Wednesday” on our Facebook page or contact local rescues and shelters. Many are more than happy to help direct you to a place that will work for you and your furry family members. You can also contact us at  There are also many programs to help with stray and feral cats, also known as TNR (trap neuter return).  They trap the cats, fix them, then return them. The reason they do this is because many stray and feral cats cannot be rehomed so by fixing them they prevent the population of the cat colony from growing and spreading disease.


Oregon Programs –


Willamette Humane Society –


Snip Your Pit –


Willamette Animal Guild –


Pixie Project –


Central Coast Humane Society –




Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon –


Salem Friends of Felines –

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